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Thema: Passing char*

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    David Herzig
    Dear JOCL users

    I wrote a Java program where I pass an char array to a char*:

    Java Code:
    Java Code:
    1. char [] t = text.toCharArray();
    2. Pointer srcText = Pointer.to(t);
    3. cl_mem memObjectText = clCreateBuffer(context,
    5. Sizeof.cl_char * t.length, srcText, null);

    OpenCL Code:
    __kernel void patternmatch(__global const char *t, long tn, int k, __global int *r)

    Now I realized that somehow the following happens:

    Text to pass: "ABCD"
    Text Arrived: "A B C D" (space between the charaters)

    Any ideas to remove that?

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    David Herzig
    Just found the issue.

    Char in Java is 2 Bytes, char in opencl is 1 Byte. So instead of using the char array, using the byte array:

    Pointer srcText = Pointer.to(text.getBytes());

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    That's right: A C/OpenCL char consists of 1 byte, and has to be represented by a byte in Java (because in Java, char has two bytes - basically to support unicode)

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