Add mvc to fire/notify events affecting content in dockables


it is possible to use mvc with dockingframes?

THX, Joan


Your question is not really specific. You can also use DockingFrames in space, or you can write spaghetti code that accesses docking-frames.

If your question is “is docking-frames upholding the principles of mvc” then my answer would be “no it is not”. I really regret no doing a proper separation between model and view, but when I realized how the design of the framework should have been, it was already far too late to stop and restart.

Thanks for the answer. In my case I have several singledockables containing tables and i would like that they scroll synchronized.

So I need one table to fire a notification of update to the others. I will try to implement mvc to the content of the singledockables.


For me that looks like a feature that has nothing to do with DockingFrames.

The purpose of DockingFrames is to move around panels, it does not have any other purpose. It certainly should not be the center of your application.

What do you mean? I have a ressource planner and a ressource table and use dockingframe to create a customable gui for the user. Just want to the tables to synch both after selecting one element in one of then or filtering one of them.

Dockingframe helps creating the gui. Is the use of it wrong from your point of view?

I probably (well, certainly) did and still do not understand what the question is you are asking. Nor do I understand how you are using the framework, what a table is (in your application), what you exactly mean with “scrolling” and what mvc has to do with all of that.

Simply but: I cannot answer any of your questions due to lack of information.

My magic orb that usually tells me what people want from me is currently out of order.