[ANN] ClojureCL - a Clojure OpenCL library that uses JOCL


ClojureCL can be found here: ClojureCL - a Clojure library for parallel computations with OpenCL 2.0 (GPGPU).

It is a high-level Clojure library that uses JOCL. It may be useful in 2 ways:

  1. Enable much easier OpenCL 2.0 programming in Clojure (obviously)
  2. Be an example of how to use JOCL API.

Comments and advice highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks for this pointer!

I had a short look at the Samples, Documentation and Implementation, but have to admit that the syntax (of Clojure) (for me (as (old fashioned) Java (and C) programmer))) looks (somewhat) intimidating :smiley: Quite a while ago I made some experiments with Groovy and JOCL, and thought that I should also consider Clojure back then, but did not have the time to have a closer look at this.

The samples, however, look definitely more concise than the plain Java samples, and these โ€œwithโ€-macros seem to reduce the boilerplate code a lot.

Iโ€™ll refer to this whenever questions about this topic arise (and things like cuda - GPU programming on Clojure? - Stack Overflow show that there may be demand for that!)