Background color of the externalized dockables


I used DockTitleFactory to set up the background color of my dockalbles. But it’s gone when externalizing it.
Is there any way to set it up again either automatically or manually?


How exactly are you using the DockTitleFactory? Can you please provide a screenshot/picture of how you would like your application to look like? There are different ways to change colors, but I need to know the exact goal before I can try to find a solution.

Hi Beni,

I am looking a way to make the panels after externalizing look exactly the same as original ones.
If you see the picture below, element filter panel don’t have the gradient color as information panel, but it did before externalizing.

Thanks again.

To change the title used for externalized Dockables you need to register your DockTitleFactory for the ScreenDockStation using the key “ScreenDockStation.TITLE_ID”. (see DockTitleManager.registerClient…).