Building+launching demos

Perhaps a stupid question… I can use mvn install to build the project. But how do I actually go and run all the different demos? For example, how would I go about building and running docking-frames-demo-paint?

I see there is a in the core project but it looks for a jar in a bin folder which I don’t have.


Linor is about to take over Maven, if anyone, he will be able answer this question.

In the mean time I would suggest to download the JAR files from the website (they are all in one big zip file, the should work immediately)

[Edit: and each demo project has a “main” method in a class called “Application”, e.g. “bibliothek.paint.Application”. But as far as I know only the core-libraries are downloadable through maven, not the demos.]

Beni is correct, at the moment maven can only be used to build the core libraries, not the demos. So if you want to try those, it’s best to just download the entire package and run the demonstrations from there using the shell script.