Cannot file a bug at javaforge


I posted an issue with save/restore about a week ago, but did not get any answer.
So I tried to file a bug to javaforge (while logged in, I maintain 3 projects at javaforge myself), but I cannot file a bug (permission denied for user lubosp), and when I tried to join the project, I got the same error (permission denied for user lubosp).
It looks like the permissions for the DF project at javaforge are not set properly.


Who is a maintainer/project lead of DF project on Javaforge? Whom should I contact to fix the problem of not being able to file a bug?

Auto-join is activated and other users could access the project. I’ll forward this one to the JavaForge-team (they have updated the software and this would be the second time permissions suddenly forbid something that worked earlier).

Bug-Report on JavaForge