CStation wrapper for ScreenDockStaton

Beni, hello;

I can see that I need CStation wrapper for ScreenDockStaton
in order to add a ScreenDockStaton to a CControl; I can not find one;

what is the right way to do it?

thank you;


this is essentially the same question:


Ok, the answer is mostly in the other thread. In the current version CControl creates one ScreenDockStation which must be used by and Dockable, there is no way to replace that station or introduce additional stations.
Also: A ScreenDockStation always expects to be the only ScreenDockStation, if you have two, then one of them would just not work properly.

got it; thanks!

it feels like guides/common need a section: “how to extend docking-frames/common - by example”

I will post my examples here when done: http://code.google.com/p/docking-frames/