cublasSswap javadoc


The javadoc for cublasSswap() states:

“…replaces single precision vector x with single precision alpha * x…”

but “alpha” has nothing to do with this method.

PS. I don’t know if there’s another way of submitting documentation errors.



As stated in the class header, the documentation is automatically extracted from the cublas.h header file - and for earlier CUDA/CUBLAS versions, this error was contained in the original header file! Unfortunately, the the newer header files (those for the ‘deprecated’ CUBLAS, as well as the new ones of CUBLAS_v2) do no longer contain any documentation at all, and the only real documentation of CUBLAS and CUBLAS_v2 is in the (unprocessable) PDF file. Not as convenient as the JavaDoc that could be shown in the IDE, but full of fancy formulas and colorful tables… :rolleyes:

However, of course, you’re right, and in this case, I fixed it manually.
Thanks for this hint.