cudaErrorInitializationError from JCuda.Malloc()

When running the following code, I get the message cudaErrorInitializationError, any ideas on this? Are there any CUDA logs I can check?
I’m running:
JCuda 4.0 Beta1
CUDA Toolkit v4.0 (32 bit)
CUDA Tools SDK v4.0
NVIDIA Graphics Driver 275.33


    public void sort(final int[] unsortedArray) {
        final int arrayLength = unsortedArray.length;
        final int sizeRequired = arrayLength * Sizeof.INT;
        //allocate memory on the device
        final Pointer pointer = new Pointer();
        JCuda.cudaMalloc(pointer, sizeRequired);


Interestingly, the thread made it onto the first page of the google results for “cudaErrorInitializationError” in less than one day… -_- But this websearch did not bring many hints…

Calling “initialize” explicitly should not be necessary. I assume that the “cudaMalloc” causes this error? Which device are you using? Are you able to run the samples from NVIDIA? Are you trying to allocate a “very large” memory block?

Yes, it was the cudaMalloc() that caused this error. I downloaded the CUDA C samples, and I get the same error from those, see

You did not mention which GPU you have installed in your Laptop. Are you sure that it supports CUDA? Depending on your OS, you might need the “Notebook Developer Drivers for WinVista and Win7” from the CUDA download site. And even then, there are sometimes difficulties with Laptop GPUs (some of them have an ‘M’ chipset, whcih stands for ‘mobile’, and these may have limited capabilites).

In any case, I’d be interested to hear whether someone in the NVIDIA forum can help to solve this (and, of course, if you can run the JCuda examples then).

The GPU installed on the laptop is NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800M. The graphics driver installed is NVIDIA Graphics Driver 275.33, which is the Notebook Developer Driver for WinVista and Win7.
How do I know if this GPU has an M chipset?

The „Quadro FX 1800M“ obviously has an „M“ chipset :wink: But it should also work with this chipset, assuming that the appropriate drivers are installed.

So far no response in the NVIDIA forum… -_-