Don't show preview


why don’t show preview picture when tab is not on the front (Ctrl + Shift + E)?

The image is created by a class called ScreencaptureMovingImageFactory. It uses the “paint” method of Component to create the image. If the component is very small, or not visible, than the image cannot be created. Being on a StackDockStation but not selected, can mean a Dockable is very small and not visible.

I don’t know any solutions to this issue (It bothers me as well), but if there is nothing to paint… then there is no image available. And temporarily resizing and making a Component visible has too many bad side-effects.

(If you have a good idea on how to create the image, feel free to implement a “DockableMovingImageFactory”, you can try it out by calling the method “setMovingImageFactory” of “BasicDockTheme”)