Drop into ScreenDockStation acceptance

Hi all

I want to ask. How to drop into ScreenDockStation that above Station in root window.
In demo jnlp, i’m about try to drop ‚Help‘ inside ‚Notes‘, but i cannot. ‚Help‘ is always must be drop in Station in root window (Split, Stack, etc).
Here’s a picture to explain my problem (it’s happen also in tutorial jnlp - The Stations)

If i move notes outside root window, i can easily drop ‚Help‘ inside ‚Notes‘

Any hint so i can make ScreenDockStation in top posistion always accept DnD dockable instead Station below?


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Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Hold down the shift key during drag and drop, this will prevent a Dockable from going anywhere else than the ScreenDockStation.

Any hint so i can make ScreenDockStation in top posistion always accept DnD dockable instead Station below?
At the moment it is not possible. But I think it would be a good idea to make this the default behavior, so I’ll put this feature onto the todo list.

[Edit: I think this is a project perfectly fit for the next weekend]

great, thanks a lot Beni

Hi Beni,

I see two inconsistencies in the current drag drop behavior
both can be reproduced in Tutorial->Core->The stations:

  1. Drag “Split NORTH-WEST” over itself - it becomes external.
    I think that as long as you drag it over itself, it should stay in the same place.
    For a stack it works fine - if you drag “Stack 1” over itself
    it will stay in the same place or dock next to “Stack 2”.

With the current implementation it is easy to accidentally pull a dockable out of the main window.

  1. When you drag “Screen” dockable over itself and the main window,
    it docks back to the main window. Also here the behavior is different for a stack.
    If you have a stack over the main window, and you drag one of its dockables over the stack it stays in the stack which stays in the ScreenDockStation.
    I think a single dockable should also stay in the ScreenDockStation as long as you drag it over itself.

Is it currently possible to change this behavior (in 1.1.0)?

kind regards,
Maciej Modelski

You are right about number 1. Number 2 is already fixed in the newest version. Unfortunately most drag&drop behavior cannot be modified, especially not in 1.1.0. In 1.1.1 the “VetoableDockRelocatorListener” was added and this listener at least allows to prevent some drag&drop operations.

I’ll have number 1 fixed in 1.1.1p6c, an update is probably the easiest (or even only) solution.

Hi Beni,

thanks, I will update to 1.1.1!
Do I understand correctly that 1.1.1 is already quite stable
and only missing some new features?

kind regards,
Maciej Modelski

That is correct, 1.1.1 is only missing some of the new features, but otherwise stable.

I have not yet uploaded 1.1.1p6c, I was planing on doing that this or next weekend.