Eclipse Theme - two row tabs

Hi, can I set Eclipse Theme to work with two and more row of tabs?

You can’t do that, unfortunately. Eclipse will always display the tabs in a single row.

Don’t listen to Eike :slight_smile:

The feature you ask for is not part of DockingFrames, however it is not impossible to create such a behavior. You will have to write your own „TabLayoutManager“ that arranges the tabs.

The location and size of the tabs is defined by a „TabLayoutManager“. Just to have some idea of how multiple rows could look like, you can add this piece of code to your application:

CControl control = ....
control.putProperty( TabPane.LAYOUT_MANAGER, new RowLayout());

RowLayout is an old layout-manager that orders tabs in several rows. It is no longer used today, because it has some issues if there is not enough space. And it will not work properly with the Eclipse theme (you will be missing some buttons). But you might use its code as a starting point to write your own layout-manager.

Thank you for your help and explanations.