[Erledigt] Loaded layout out of date

Hi there,

I’ve got a question regarding loading/saving layouts in DF.

I deploy my CGrid and use CControl’s read-Method afterwards to load a saved layout. When closing my app I use write() to save it.

A problem appears when my app changes. If I add new Dockables to my Grid, they will be “overriden” when loading the old layout file - and won’t be visible to the user.

What is the best way to avoid this behavior or to detect a discrepancy between actual and loaded layout. Is there maybe also an easy way to “clear” the loaded layout?


Viele Grüße and best regards

Hm, I would call “CDockable.isVisible” to find out which dockables are missing and either make them directly visible or just deploy the CGrid again.

Yes. deploying the grid again is exactly what I need!

Directly setting the docakables visible works too, but then the dockables won’t appear where I want them to be.

thanks for quick responses and excellent support!