[Erledigt] Partly lock docking - prevent merging of dockables


I wanted to lock the layout such that dockables cannot be moved --> opening a new dockable will open it in a new tab and the user cannot move it. The user can only change the order of the tabs. Actually Moving around the dockables is allowed but not splitting the working area if a dockable is dropped.

I found the “DockRelocatorMode.NO COMBINATION MASK” in the core documentation. Is that the right setting to use? If yes, how can I use it? Is it possible to set a property in the ccontrol or somewhere in the configuration so the DockRelocatorMode is always enabled and not only if a specific key combination is pressed?

You may ask why I want to turn off the docking support. Actually the docking should only be disabled for some user who may be overstrained if they could drag&drop the dockables without any restrictions.

thx in advance for any hint!
– M

That’s going to be a hack… I think a DockAcceptance would be what you require. A DockAcceptance should be able to prevent almost any movement.

If you have a CControl you’ll need to call “intern().getController().addAcceptance(…)” to install it.

You still need to write a DockAcceptance. but the interface is pretty simple. There are some implementations within the framework, best have a look at them to see how it works.

Thx a lot for the fast response.

I will try it as soon as possible.

– M