Fixed Docking on the Left


I am working on an application which used the commons library.
I am trying to create an text editor where the left side displays a list of files as a CDockable and the right side is the actual editor.

I want to have the the list of files to be locked at the left side. However, I have a problem where I can drag the editor to the left and the list of files will end up on the right side.

Please advice and thanks!

Well, moving around things is the whole reason the framework exists… you could try to put this file list on its own working-area. The working-area would be a direct child of the JFrame, aside the content-area where the other dockables are (But why restrict the user, some people might like to put the list to the right, and the others won’t care anyways?).

In a picture:

|      |           |
| W  |    C    |
|      |           |

W = WorkingArea
C = ContentArea