Jcuda osx 10.9.3


I was able to compile the native 0.6.0 libraries of JCuda on a Mac OSX 10.9.3 64-bit system. Unfortunately Im not smart enough to package everything into a jar. Can someone help me to do so. I created a Netbeans project and copied the contents of all provided Java src folders into it. Then I packaged everything into a jar. Using Jarsplice 0.4.0 I then tried to build a Jar file containing all the native library files listed below (except the first .a file). Unfortunately when I linked the resulting jar into my project and run it, it wasnt working since a libJCudaRuntime-apple-x86_64.jnilib was missing.

Thank you in advance

My lib folder contains:

Hello Radek,

Packing the native libraries directly into the JAR is not supported at the moment (I “prepared” everything to support this, but this code path is not yet active). As mentioned in the mail, I’ll upload the archive with the binaries that you sent me as soon as possible


Thank you very much!

Hi, Radek,

After Marco will add your libs, I could fix my project (https://github.com/MysterionRise/mavenized-jcuda), so you could use it for more easy running JCuda code. It will handle dependency automatically.

@Mysterion The libs are already uploaded, as well as the 64bit Linux ones. So there’s only 32bit Linux missing at the moment. (I could possibly try to compile them at the weekend, but am not sure - additionally, I’d prefer to fix the bug from http://forum.byte-welt.net/threads/12189-cudaCreateTextureObject-problem first, so there may be a 0.6.0a soon - I’d prefer to have it tested before the release, but have no PC that supports these new functions…). BTW: I also mentioned your project at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24085347/packaging-of-jcuda-0-6-0-on-mac-osx-10-9-3

Hey Mysterion,

that would be great!!!

Awesome, will add them to project in a few days!

Just update my project, could you test it on your Mac machine?