Low contrast of titles in EclipseTheme on WinXp

Hi Beni,

I just ran docking with Eclipse theme on Windows XP with standard theme.
The contrast of titles on non selected forms (see Green, Yellow in attached image) seems a bit low…
Are you planning on still adjusting the colors for windows XP theme?
I think with the current contrast the text is not clearly visible…

kind regards,
Maciej Modelski

p.s. on win7 the colors are very nice

I’m not planing on supporting WinXP, it is already used by few people and keeps getting less important… And I guess this issue is not that easy to solve, because if you change the skin of WinXP the colors will change as well.

But if you feel like writing a patch (which has to be more sophisticated than „set black as color“ :wink: ) I’m happy to integrate it.