Maven: dockingFrames + guts

"It’s done when it’s done, " - I understand;

my problem is that I can not release my release unless it depends on releases only;
in other words, I can not depend on any snapshot artifacts;

how about doing 1.0.8 release; and then 1.0.9 in a few weeks;
basically to change the attitude and make frequent releases?
bad idea? or not?

Hm, bad idea. Currently the guides (ok, the Common-guide, the Core-guide is finished) contain stuff that was correct with 1.0.7 but is solved differently/better/easier in 1.0.8.

What I’m willing to do, is to delay the tutorial project. It was kind of a late idea but it is not really important, bringing it out after the 1.0.8 is no issue.

That would mean I can do the release somewhere at the end of october. Altough I really don’t make any promisses what the exact date will be.

cool! „end of october“ sounds good enough!

do they have „october fest“ at around this time in the place you live?

then we can celebrate! :slight_smile:

Octoberfest is a few 100 kms more to the north :slight_smile:

wow! I was close! but you see, I am 5000 miles west of you (I guess) and they still celebrate it here;

BTW, here is sample eclipse project that shows how to use docking-frames as maven snapshot dependency:

you may want to add this to your site, etc.

There are some local imitations here as well, but they are not the “real thing”.

Thanks for the project, I’ll surely will make it public.


please consider somewhere between v 1.0.8 and v 1.1.0 to let me convert your code to maven layout
so I do not need to maintain project on google code;

this will be also a good opportunity to clean up your code from hard coded package references
such as „data/bibliotec/somehting/…“

(I just keep discovering them :slight_smile: )



Yeah, we can do that. I never much cared about these resources, some cleaning up is propably a good idea.


Hi Andrei,

thanks for providing the maven repositories, its a great simplification for me. But your maven snapshot repository seems to be out of date, the last update (of the jars) was on 01/31/2011.

Maybe your Hudson is not working anymore?

Best regards,