Memory Leak in FlapDockStation?

Hi Beni,

thanks a lot for this wonderful framework!

I think in FlapDockStation there is a memory leak. I’m using the EclipseTheme. The version is 1.1.1p6e.
In BasicButtonDockTitle

        behavior.setDockable( dockable );

is called. There in ButtonContentValue the dockable is added to the listener list of content which is FlapDockStation.BUTTON_CONTENT which wraps ButtonContent.THEME_DEPENDENT. The dockables are added to the static THEME_DEPENDENT but they are never removed again.

I noticed this with FlapDockStations only.

Can you confirm this? Or am I using the framework in a wrong way?

Unfortunately you are correct, there is a memory leak. That was some incredible stupid programming of me :mad: I’ve uploaded a repaired version, 1.1.1p6f. It’s just a quick fix, I did not search for any other memory leaks (that’s one of the projects that has to wait until March).

Thanks for pointing out this bug, I would not have seen it.