Minimum width of a dockable in the Eclipse theme too large

Hi Beni,

I found a bug in the calculation of the minimum width of a dockable when using the Eclipse theme.
You can reproduce it in the “Themes” example from the framework.
In the eclipse theme you cannot move the main divider to the right. I think the minimum width of the
dockable is determined by the size of Yellow dockable tab.
You can however move it to the left so it does not seem to happen when the dockables are stacked.
In the other themes you can move the main divider to a very small minimum size independent of the dockable title - I think this is the desired behavior.

Kind regards,
Maciej Modelski

Will have a look at it. Personally I like the option to make the Dockables as small as I want - but not all developers share this opinion.

I agree, there are many use cases where the minimum size of the dockable should depend on its content. I think the docking framework already takes that into account. In this case however the minimum size is affected by the size of the title tab which I think is a bug.

I investigated the problem a bit and I think the cause is the change in the method CombinedStackDockContentPane.getMinimumSize()
For horizontal tab placement it used to take into account only the tab height, now I think it also takes into account the width.
The method is only called when using the Eclipse theme (which is consistent with my previous findings).

Hi, is there any news on this bug?
It keeps us from upgrading to a newer version of DockingFrames.

I’m currently working non-stop on some other piece of software that should have been finished yesterday (software I’m paid for to write :wink: ). Currently DockingFrames just is far down on my priority list - I have several open issues, and hope to get some work done sometimes in the next 2-3 months.

Hi Beni,

Is there any development about this issue?

I’ve changed the default behavior in version 1.1.2p16 (just uploaded a moment ago).

Assuming you are showing the tabs horizontally (default behavior), then the minimum size is now the minimum size of the Dockable + the minimum height of the tabs. The minimum width of the tabs is ignored. And in case of vertically displayed tabs, the minimum height of the tabs is ignored.

If you don’t like the new behavior, you can use the property TabPane.USE_SMALL_MINIMUM_SIZE to restore the old behavior.