More themes, fixed tabs and close buttons on the tabs


I am currently evaluate the framework for my project. Meanwhile I am quite impressed with excellent documentation and support. I would like to ask a few things that I need for my app.

Is possible to have:

  1. different visual themes in each DockController’s realm?
  2. some tabs fixed (no drag & drop) with tabbed based dock station (StackDockStation if I got it right)?
  3. close buttons on the tabs with the BubbleTheme?

Thank you.


Absolutely. Each realm is completely and utterly independent from other realms (unless you start writing some extra code).

Yes. There is a listener (VetoableDockRelocatorListener) which is informed whenever a drag and drop operation is about to start, this listener can then cancel the operation.

That’s more tricky and not implemented. In theory clients could replace the tabs with a custom tab, but that is probably not the answer you’d like.

I think I put this on the todo list for the next release. This feature does not affect any other code, you are certainly not the only one who would like it, and for me it’s only combining some components that already exist. (Until version 1.1.1p2 the tabs needed to be as small as possible because all Bubble-Tabs were always shown, but with the updated layout-manager from 1.1.1p2 this is no longer an issue as tabs can now be hidden.)

Thanks for answers and really great framework. :slight_smile: