Problem while migrating from 1.1.0p6c to 1.1.0p6d

We are facing the serious problem that CDockables in additional content areas are not visible despite calling

when we issue this calls before the JFrame is shown with setVisible(true).

All version prior to 1.1.0p6d show the the CDockables at the required position using the above code.

Hmpf, I know exactly what I changed and what is causing the problem. Unfortunately I did a bugfix that created a new bug… For now the workaround below should produce the old behavior. Or stick with the old version, as there were not many changes.

It’s a bit tricky to fix the issue, but I should have the fix ready next week.

Or I can’t image having a nice evening with such a bug lingering around… a fixed version is uploaded (1.1.0p6e). The result of “normal()” (and other affected methods) should now be exactly the same as in the old version, and at least my test application confirms that.

Sorry for the inconvenience, that was bad coding by me.

Our application also runs fine again with 1.1.0p6e. Thank you very much for your fast fix :smiley:

You are working at this hour? Or am I mistaken and you are not actually living in germany? :slight_smile:

The same reason as on your side. I have an implementation issue which I was not able to finish today at work but which bothers you so much that I am still trying resolve it. And so I could also test your latest release en passant.