Save closing operation


in close a dockable with a button in my application. Then i close the application. But after a restart the closed dockable is visible. It was not saved. If i rezise the dockables it would be saved.

Any ideas?

Could be that the Dockable is not marked as closeable, then the framework will make it visible again (it assumes not being visible is wrong in such a case).

I would need more information, how do you set up the Dockables? How do you close them?

[Edit, and because of a lot experience answering questions in this forum: you are certain it is not your own application that makes the Dockable visible?]

Problem is solved! My mistake…of course. Thank you!

But now i have another question:

I want to maximise a dockable. Thats no problem. But after a restart of the application the dockable must be maximisted already!

Is that possible?

I think the maximized dockable was lost because it lost the focus, something like this. I have not looked at that case for a while now, I’m not even sure if I repaired this. I’ll test this in the next few days. But at the moment I can only suggest calling “CDockable.setExtendedMode( ExtendedMode.MAXIMIZED )” for the dockable you want to have maximized.

Thank you…i will test it!


this have not solved the problem. I’m already searching for a solution. I’m writing the current layout (with the help of Controle) in a file. Is it possible to set some other options?

the saving of Minimizable and Externalizable is working!

Ok, finally an answer for this question. In order to enable loading of fullscreen-Dockable, you need to call:

control.setRevertToBasicModes( false );```
This method is in the framework since quite a while (but I don't remember when exactly it was added). The default behavior will remain to unmaximize all Dockables, just because I'm not certain if there are not any unwanted side-effects of keeping the maximized Dockables.

Great! It’s working! Thank you!