Static DockStation?

Hi Beni,
is there a way, using the Core framework, to mark a DockStation to be static, not to be destroyed by the Framework if it assumes it necessary?

I have a default layout of three main stations on a root SplitDockStation (either placed by a SplitDockGrid or dropped with saved location information). Two of which are SplitDockStations and one is a StackDockStation with another two SplitDockStations as its default children.
Dockables can be added to any of the four resulting SplitDockStations. The dockables can only be drag-and-dropped within their mother station. The user can also stack them into anonymous StackDockStations provided by the framework.
My problem is that whenever the user stacks all dockables of a station together, the framework assumes the named mother station to be useless and destroys it. Instead of the wished-to-be static mother station there is only a dynamically created anonymous StackDockStation left. That doesn’t happen within the two SplitDockStations, which are children to the StackDockStation, only the SplitDockStations directly on the root station are destroyed. - Is it somehow possible to prevent that automatic destruction of my own stations?

I really wish to keep them if there is just one anonymous StackDockStation left, so that the user can still drag-and-drop the dockables apart again (inside the mother station).

Thanks for any help you can give.

Responsible for removing stations with only one child is the “SingleParentRemover”. Create a new class extending SingleParentRemover and override the method “shouldTest”. Return “false” for any station that should not be removed.

Later you can call DockController#setSingleParentRemover to replace the default remover with your implementation.

Thank you very much!
This little thing is just what I was looking for.