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Version 1.1.1p7c

[li] - Bugfix: Focus transfer on minimization is now forced, this prevents focus stealing when minimizing a non-focused Dockable.
[/li][li] - Bugfix: Shrinking an Eclipse-Tab now keeps the action visible and clickable as long as possible. Text and icon of the tab have lesser importance than the action.

Version 1.1.1p7d

Corrected the website, the downloads now actually point to the correct versions again…

[li]- API: New property StackDockStation.TAB_CONFIGURATION allows to fine tune the look of tabs

Version 1.1.1p7e

Fixed a memory leak, new icons for the EclipseTheme by Nicolas.

[li] - Bugfix: Insertion area was not always painted on a SplitDockStation
[/li][li] - Bugfix: New Icons for the EclipseTheme by Nicolas Roduit. The new icons should work well with dark backgrounds.
[/li][li] - Bugfix: BaseTabComponent has now its own FocusTraversalPolicy allowing the user to press “tab” and focus a component outside of the tab.
[/li][li] - Bugfix: Wrong usage of DefaultSplitDividerStrategy causes memory leak

Version 1.1.1p8

Introduces the Toolbar Extension! At the same time 1.1.1p8 is the first release candidate, from now on I will spend some time on updating and fixing the documentation and make the entire package look nice again.

You can find more details about these changes in the new Toolbar subforum, in this thread.

[li] - API: New Inserter can override drop operations before and after they are created
[/li][li] - API: A lot more configuration options for the ScreenDockStation, these configurations are done by the ScreenDockWindowConfiguration.
[/li][li] ! API: PaintableComponent uses now a transparency enumeration instead of two booleans
[/li][li] - API: ScreenDockWindows can be transparent
[/li][li] - API: AbstractDockTitle has been divided into two classes, there is no need to change code in the subclasses of AbstractDockTitle
[/li][li] ! API: DockActions now support icons that are shown if the mouse hovers of the action, or if the mouse is pressed. Clients just using the DockAction interface should compile without changes, but subclasses of DockAction will require updates.
[/li][li] - API: The window that shows up when moving a dockable (DefaultDockRelocator.ImageWindow) is now transparent
[/li][li] - API: Can set the border of a ScreenDockWindow
[/li][li] ! API: MovingImage now can set an offset and is informed if the underlying window is transparent
[/li][li] ! API: NoTitleDisplayer gets replaced by NoTitleBarDisplayer. The new displayer extends BasicDockableDisplayer (now all displayer are derived from this class) and is able to show a DockTitle if asked to do so.
[/li][li] - Bugfix: The “showing” property is now checked for correctness when the DockController of a Dockable changes.
[/li][li] - Bugfix: Resizing a ScreenDockWindow to a size smaller than its acceptable minimum will no longer move the window.
[/li][li] - API: The ScreenDropSizeStrategy allows to influence the size a dropped Dockable on a ScreenDockStation gets
[/li][li] - Bugfix: StackDockStation could throw exception during drag and drop when having only one child
[/li][li] - API: DefaultExtendedModeEnablement offers now an extension
[/li][li] ! API: ExtendedModeEnablement now also decides which hints (buttons) are visible for the user
[/li][li] ! API: StackDockComponent has now a custom listener instead of the generic ChangeListener
[/li][li] ! API: ScreenDockStation can now move a window when grabbed at its only tab
[/li][li] - Bugfix: Icons of size 0/0 should no longer produce an exception in DockUtilities.disabledIcon
[/li][li] - Bugfix: GlassedPane now emulates “fall through” behavior for MouseEvents
[/li][li] - API: Added three new extensions, Toolbar, Toolbar-Common and Toolbar-Tutorial. This includes new DockStations, new Tutorials, and a lot new configurations.
[/li][li] - Bugfix: vertical OrientedLabel did not paint text at the correct location, making the text invisible

Version 1.1.1p8a

Just an emergency bug fix…

[li] - API: new tutorial for WizardSplitDockStation
[/li][li] - Bugfix: Eclipse-tabs without actions did not show the entire text even if there was enough space

Version 1.1.1p8b

Some bugs showed up, the API documentation is repaired, the guides have been updated.

[li] - Bugfix: Icon of ButtonCombinedMenu did not show up when the mouse hovered over the button.
[/li][li] - Bugfix: When changing the DockTheme, the “hold” (also known as “sticky”) action of the FlapDockStation did disappear.
[/li][li] ! API: removed the deprecated ComponentDockable
[/li][li] - API: added MenuLineLayoutStrategy, allows clients to more easily fine tune the behavior of MenuLineLayout
[/li][li] - Bugfix: If the Toolbar Extension is installed, creating perspectives did throw an exception. Instead a warning is now printed.
[/li][li] - API: CPerspective now also stores invisible children
[/li][li] - API: AbstractCDockablePerspective offers method “remove”, which stores the location of the dockable and then removes it from its parent.

Some more bugfixes, and the Toolbar Extension is now supporting the perspective API.

Version v1.1.1p8c
[li] - API: Added support for the perspective API to the Toolbar Extension
[/li][li] - Bugfix: Binary format for permanent layout storage has been broken

Version v1.1.1p8d
[li] - Bugfix: CToolbarMode is now considered to be a “basic mode”.
[/li][li] - Bugfix: ToolbarGridLayoutManager could throw exception because its cached data was outdated

Version v1.1.1p8e
[li] - API: Added support for perspectives in Common for toolbars
[/li][li] - API: Toolbar factories can now estimate the location of the Dockables
[/li][li] - Bugfix: Estimation of location of Dockables was missing parts when analyzing deeply nested stations/dockables.
[/li][li] - Bugfix: CommonDockStationFactory does not add a CStation that is already registered
[/li][li] ! API: new constructors for CGridPerspective and CWorkingPerspective
[/li][li] ! API: more strict type checks when reading a layout, reading wrong types (like a CWorkingArea where a CGridArea was previously) will throw an exception.
[/li][li] - Bugfix: divider on SplitDockStation could not be grabbed if the divider location was invalid (too big or too small).
[/li][li] ! API: removed obsolete interfaces ToolbarInterface and ToolbarElementInterface

Some more bugfixes, a little bit more information about layouts. And: final version 1.1.1. Please read more about 1.1.1 here.

Version v1.1.1p8f
[li] - API: DockFrontend can now read and store its settings as a SettingsBlop
[/li][li] ! API: DockRegisterListener is now informed if the DockRegister is stalled
[/li][li] - API: Removed obsolete code from CControl which stored the working area of SingleCDockables. This data is already stored by CommonSingleDockableLayout
[/li][li] - Bugfix: The working-area of SingleCDockables was not set if the working are was created lazily while reading a layout
[/li][li] - API: The new CControlPerspectiveBlop allows clients to read and write entire layout files without the need of creating any CDockables
[/li][li] ! API: Removed the mapping between factories and MultipleCDockables that was stored in CSetting, but that was not accessed anywhere
[/li][li] - Bugfix: CombinedStackDockContentPane.getMinimumSize returned a value about twice as big as necessary
[/li][li] - Bugfix: CPerspective, the invisible dockables are now stored when writing to/reading from a file
[/li][li] - Bugfix: When converting a CPerspective to a CSetting, visible items must store their location as well, in case they are not loaded properly
[/li][li] - Bugfix: calling “DefaultDockRelocatorEvent.forbid” on a “search”, did not result in the search continuing with another station

Version v1.1.1p8g
[li] - Bugfix: Moving one Dockable of a maximized stack in the minimized area did throw an exception
[/li][li] - Bugfix: Moving a maximized Dockable with a working-area to the minimized area did store an invalid location of the dockable
[/li][li] - API: CGridArea/CWorkingArea will not replace a maximized dockable by another dockable in any case

Version v1.1.1
[li] - Bugfix: in the conversion from CSetting to CPerspective the location of invisible CDockables was ignored
[/li][li] - API: VetoableDockRelocatorEvent now also tells the location of the mouse
[/li][li] - API: WizardSplitDockStation can now show a gap on the side where it is moveable, the default size of the gap is set to 3