When externalize minimized DefaultSingleCDockable, it disappears

I’m new user of your beautiful framework, and I must say, it’s amazing!
I have one problem. I’m creating new DefaultSingleCDockable with following code:


So new dockable appears in the toolbar as minimized window with 4 buttons. If I click externalize button as first click, it disappears and I'm not longer able to find this window. 

If I run application again and click at first in the dockable title, it appears in the frame in the half size. Now when I minimize it and use externalize button, window is correctly externalized and appears out from the application.

What am I doing wrong? I suppose problem is that in the first case window is also correctly externalized but with 0 size, but I'm not able to fix this.


That would have been my guess as well. I’ll fix this during the weekend and upload a repaired version. For now the best course of action for you is just to ignore the bug and wait for the fix.

Ok, the new version is up and should fix your problem. If a dockable was never externalized, then a minimum size is enforced and a default location (in relation to the main frame) is set.

If you want to change the default settings implement a new “ExternalizedModeBehavior” and apply it through “CControl.getLocationManager().getExternalizedMode().setBehavior(…)”.