Annoying warning in jar-with-dependencies

I just bundled my application using Docking Frames and I get the “Annoying Warning” that I not use docking-frames-common. But I am using docking-frames-common with CControl.

The issue is that I’m bundling the Jar in a single executable jar file with the maven-assembly-plugin with the make-my-jar-with-dependencies assembly. I suppose that docking-frames is checking somehow that the docking-frames-common.jar file is in the class path. With the assembly the docking-frames-common.jar file per se is not in the class path, but all resources and Java classes are bundled in my application Jar file.

I can deactivate the warning with

But maybe you look at your detection code and fix it for maven-assembly-plugin if you feel like it.
Regards, Erwin.

Checking whether to show the dialog or not is much simpler than looking at the classpath: the constructor of DockController calls the method “showCoreWarning” which opens the dialog. But CControl creates a subclass of DockController (CDockController), which overrides that method and does nothing.

Because of the simplicity of this mechanism, I really doubt it can fail :wink: But just out of curiosity, please put a breakpoint int he “showCoreWarning”-method, and check who is calling it.

I think the issue is because of a mix up in the loaded Jar files.
I think because I marked your preview release 1.1.2 as SNAPSHOT, different uploaded versions was used. I now use 1.1.2-p8d as the version, and not -SNAPSHOT.