Background Color of WorkingArea, ContentArea, Empty Dockable

I’m using Eclipse Theme and would like to change some background colors but can’t find out how to do. (See Attachment). Thank you very much for assistance.

At this moment the only way to change the color is through the LookAndFeel, by climbing through Java Swing Container-Component hiearchies and calling setBackground on each Component, and by implementing a TabPainter (for the tabs only).

However, about a week ago I started writing some interfaces such that clients can paint the background (and borders) of almost every component themselves. The goal is to bring this new API so far, that entire framework could appear half-transparent with some image shining through. Currently I have written about 1/3 of the required code, therefore I guess in 1 to 3 weeks I can make a release with this new API.
So if you are not in a very bad rush: wait a few weeks and use the new API. You will then have to implement a rather simple interface with a “paint(Graphics g)” method and paint some rectangles (I’ll also include some example how to use the API).

P.S. once the release is out you might need to remind me about this question…

The API is finished, have a look at the top screenshot to see what it is capable of. I’ve included an example in the tutorial project, it is called “BackgroundExample”.

I’m currently writing some additional code to exchange borders as well (when playing around with the background a wrong border can look very ugly), but I’ll be able to upload the next release either this or next weekend. In any case, the code can already be found in the repository.

Basically you have to implement a new “BackgroundPaint” and register it at the ThemeManager (DockController.getThemeManager) using an appropriate identifier. A list of identifier can be found in the documentation of the method “ThemeManager.setBackgroundPaint”. I might add some more identifiers and change some identifiers until the release.