Change Color of a specific tab

Hi Beni,
I have a small app, with several dockables. There’s one dockable which can have a special mode and I wanted to indicate this via the tab color.
Is it possible to change a tab color of a specific tab without reworking the whole theme?

Many thanks in advance.
Greetings, -chris-

I hope you are using the common-API, because it offers that feature:

ColorMap colors = dockable.getColors();

// you may call this method at any time, and the ui will be repainted immediately using the new color
colors.setColor( ColorMap.COLOR_KEY_TAB_BACKGROUND_SELECTED , Color.RED );```


If you don't use the common-API: well, there is the "ColorManager", which can be accessed by calling "DockController.getColors()". I think one of the tutorial apps was showcasing how to use the ColorManager, but right know I don't have access to the code. Let me know if you need information about the ColorManager.

Thanks for your help, it was exactly what I was looking for.
Sorry for not finding this solution by first reading the docs myself.

Greetings, -chris-