Change tab placement in FlatTheme


I would like to change the placement of the tabs in the FlatTheme from bottom to top but I don’t know how to do so. I had a look at the EclipseTheme but I could not find the right place.
Does anyone know how to do it (maybe with some sample code)?

Thanks for advance.

Sorry, not possible. The position is hardwired (in the class CombinedStackDockComponent at lines 112/113).

But I’ll put this on the todo list for version 1.0.8.

Very nice work so far, being able to position the tabs is very important to my project also. In my case I need to be able to position tabs also on the left and right side of the containers. If / when you expand the positioning options can you allow for positioning of tabs on all 4 sides ? I know this will complicate the themes but maybe the theme could control whether or not it can show tabs in a certain position.
As a quick and less then beautiful hack you can modify the themes StackDockComponentFactory to return a tab panel which will allow you to position the tabs where-ever

        BasicTheme theme = new FlatTheme();
           new StackDockComponentFactory(){
            public StackDockComponent create( StackDockStation station ) {
                BasicStackDockComponent dockComponent = new BasicStackDockComponent( station );
                return dockComponent;

I thought to use some kind of “LayoutManager” which could then do almost anything (depending on the time someone invests…). Of course “BasicStackDockComponent” won’t be affected by such a manager since I don’t have much control over the tabs there.

I’m still not finished with 1.0.7 (but almost, one bug remaining), so some delay remains.