Close Button


In the previous version of docking frame [1.0.8] the close button was shown at the level of each dockable, after upgrading to docking frames version 1.1.1 the close button was set near the “maximize”, “Detach”, etc button

Could you please advice how to put it back on the level of each dockable? We are used to have it there and it is misleading to have it at the end on the right. For example, Eclipse IDE have the close button at the level of each tab


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Without any modifications, the button is still at the correct place (see attachement). I admit to have lost the overview of your project…

Do you have a custom close button (custom DockAction or CAction)? If so, make sure the DockAction or CAction is annotated with “EclipseTabDockAction”.

Or do you anywhere implement/override a “EclipseThemeConnector”? If so make sure “isTabAction” handles the close action correct.

Thx it works

And what was wrong?


I was using a custom close button that extends CCloseAction.
When I added the annotation @EclipseTabDockAction on the custom class it worked.

It seems even if the superclass is annotated by @EclipseTabDockAction, I have to annotate the custom class too
Maybe this could be an enhancement for the future version


That is deliberately: otherwise you could never extend such a button and not have it on the tab.