Closing whole toolbar groups

Im using the docking frames common with perspectives. Now I want to hide toolbars (closing also). I have tried to find my toolbars in the CControlRegister like for CDockables, but it doesnt work.
The last thing I tried is:

	public void removeToolbar(String title) {
		CControlRegister dock = this.control.getRegister();
		Pattern filter = Pattern.compile("toolbar"+title.toLowerCase()+".*");
		for (ListIterator<CDockable> it = dock.getDockables().listIterator(); it.hasNext(); ) {
			CDockable cdock =;
			String title2 = cdock.intern().getTitleText();
			Matcher match = filter.matcher(title2);
			if (match.matches()) {
				this.control.removeDockable((SingleCDockable) cdock);

I have saved the following objects are under my class attributes:

	private CControl control;
	private CPerspective perspective;
	private CToolbarContentArea area;
	private CToolbarContentPerspective toolbars;

My unique id for CDockables follow this pattern:


i is an integer >= 0

Can someone help me, please?

The toolbars are automatically created and disposed depending on how the user drags and drops the buttons. There is not much point in searching a specific toolbar - or even naming them (*). Your current solution is actually close to what I would call the best solution.

(*) At least not with the current implementation, you are more than welcome implementing some addition making naming toolbars an option. But right now I have my hands full with my job, and won’t write anything but bug fixes.

Thanks for your response. I`m working on a school project, so I use only a small part of your framework.