Dark Theme available?


are there any dark color themes available somewhere?
If not - what is the fastest was to create one?

Thanks for your help!

There is not. But every theme has its own “ColorScheme”, and that “ColorScheme” can be replaced. For example replacing the colors of the EclipseTheme:

control.putProperty( EclipseTheme.ECLIPSE_COLOR_SCHEME, new MyCustomerColorScheme());

Just open the source code of one of the existing ColorSchemes to find out how to set the colors.


Most ColorSchemes are generated by reading some basic colors from the current LookAndFeel. You can define these basic colors by calling DockUI.registerColors. You’ll need to implement the interface LookAndFeelColors to do that, but I think the interface is very much self explanatory.

OK that did help - thank you!

One more question:
In the Flat-Theme the icons do appear in the inactive tab titles.
In the Eclipse theme they don’t (only the text is displayed).
Can anybody give me a hint how to modify the Eclipse theme to show the icons in inactive tab titles?

OK - I just found the answer myself:

control.putProperty(EclipseTheme.PAINT_ICONS_WHEN_DESELECTED, true);