I am using DefaultSingleCDockable in the main JFrame. I have several dockables and enabled the externalizable option. I can now freely move a dockable outside of this main window. I can move more than one also. I have a requirement, where I want to move few dockables from the main window and want them to arrange in another window, like a secondary window. In the new window I want to have couple of dockables on the top and their detail dockable window below. How can I do this?. I tried moving the dock one below the other but if they double click on top of dock, the dock goes back to the original position inside the main window. So I want to try grouping in a new window …let me know if there is a way…

I’m not certain I understood what you want.

Perhaps a solution is to create a JDialog and add another CContentArea on it (CControl has not only “getContentArea” but also “createContentArea”)?

Sorry, I didn’t explain clearly before. I have 7 dockable in the main window which can be moved out side. We allow this only for a user who has admin access, which we are controlling through our code. We are using perspective where we save a perspective and other users select what perspective they want.
the image 1.jpg is the main window where we have results on the top and bottm docks and detail on the top right end and a map.
the second image, 2.jpg, I moved 2 docks from the main window outside and put together and moved 1 details dock out and want that to stick to the bottom of the 2 which i moved earlier. I want the 3 to stick together in another window and when we save this perspective, other users should see 3 window appearing outside and they should stick together and they shouldnt be able to move it around. Since right now I couldnt figure out how to achieve this, I am new to dock framework and I need some help. I tried creating another jframe and adding a working area like EnvironmentDockable example but didn’t work.

There is an option to prevent users from moving around the windows, in this thread is an example. You can configure the windows like this:

ScreenDockWindowConfiguration configuration = new ScreenDockWindowConfiguration(){
    public WindowConfiguration getConfiguration( ScreenDockStation station, Dockable dockable ){
        WindowConfiguration window = new WindowConfiguration();
        window.setAllowDragAndDropOnTitle( false );
        window.setResizeable( false );
        window.setMoveOnBorder( false );
        window.setMoveOnTitleGrab( false );
        return window;
control.putProperty( ScreenDockStation.WINDOW_CONFIGURATION, configuration );```
(the configuration must be made before the windows are created).

But in all honesty: the framework was designed to allow users rearranging their workspace, and I really cannot see how static windows on the screen would be user-friendly in any way. Are you certain you want this design?