Dockables can be freely stacked on externalized CWorkingArea

How to replicate

  1. Externalize a MultipleCDockable which is part of a CWorkingArea
  2. Drop another Dockable of the same Working Area on top of it, so they are shown in tabs.
  3. Drop a SingleCDockable which is not part of the CWorkingArea on top of it.

What should happen

The Dockables don’t stack, because they are not part of the same Working Area.

What happens

The SingleCDockable stacks with the other Dockables.
This behaviour only occurs when there is a stack of at least two Dockables of the Working Area and only in externalized frames.
Also works in the opposite direction, when dropping a Dockable which is part of a CWorkingArea on a stack of non Working Area Dockables.
When returned to the main frame, behaviour returns to normal.
Behaviour still occurs when you stack and then destack Dockables, but only for the external frame which contained the stacked Dockables.