Docking-frames guides

Beni, hi;

I am re-reading your docking-frames common/guide2.pdf, got some sggestions:

for example, for code snippets like this:
common/guide2.pdf/page 8/section 2.1/Hello World

it would help:

  1. provide a screen shot of running code;

  2. provide code formatted in such a way that copy/paste into eclipse would produce
    a working code withoung additional edititng/cleanup;

  3. alternatively, provide a link to same code on wiki, etc, which will open plain text file
    again, for painless copy/paste;

thnak you;


Yeah, these are good suggestions. Maybe combining the examples of the “tutorial” sub-project and the guides could also be an additional bonus.




Question: Could the framework be made available for [insert your fa-
vorite tool here]? E.g. in a Maven repository or for the Netbeans GUI

Answer 1.0.7: Making the framework available in/for any special tool
immediately yields two new problems. First, as soon as one tool is sup-
ported people will ask for another tool, this will never end… Second, a
library does no get better because it does support many other tools, it
does get better because it has lesser bugs, more settings or features.

Answer 1.0.8: This has been asked again, the answer remains the same.


probably you have a different answer now for 1.0.8 / maven?


additional request for guides:

please make links from table of content to specific sections work in pdf versions;