Double clicking minimized stack screws up layout

Hi Beni,

I was just clicking around to test the current DF release, as I stumbled uppon a little bug :wink:

Here is what I’ve done:
First, I’ve minimized a stack and then double clicked on the left area of the flapdock button.

The last visible dockable of the stack (before minimization) gets normalized and fills the entire content area the others remain minimized.
If I normalize the remaining minimized dockables, the layout gets restored except the dockable which was normalized by double click. This one gets minimized.

One other thing. Is it possible to insert a normalize button to the flapdock button? It would be easier to normalize a minimized stack/dockable. For instance, in Eclipse the first button is always the normalize button, so you could normalize a minimized stack/dockable with only one click.


Maybe more a setting that needs some tweaking than a bug. I’ll see to it.

As for the button: I was thinking the same thing, the normalize button is really missing. I just have to find a way to implement this nicely.

Maximization should now work in 1.1.0p6, and the normalize button is shown too.

Hi Beni,

just tested it and it works fine now :slight_smile:

I just realized that this really was not a bug. Doesn’t thought that double clicking a flapdock button
would maximize the dockables :wink:

Looking forward to the final release…