Drag animation problem when I set theme is Eclipse theme

Hi Byte,

Sorry bother again, I am having trouble using docking frames. When I use eclipse theme, there is no thumbnail window when dragging the dockable (I don’t know if the window has been dragged). When I use other theme, I can display it. Prompt window.
I created a new class test, there is a prompt window when using eclipse theme, there is no prompt window when used in my project. I don’t know why.
I used CControl and SingleDefaultDockable.


That’s a feature of the theme, because Eclipse does not have a preview window :slight_smile:

CControl.putProperty with the key DOCKABLE_MOVING_IMAGE_FACTORY is your friend here.

I have not tested this piece of code, but it should have an effect:

ccontrol.putProperty( DockTheme.DOCKABLE_MOVING_IMAGE_FACTORY, <your preferred factory> )

Just plug in one of the subclasses of DockableMovingImageFactory

Thanks in advance. using BasicMovingImageFactory worked.