Eclipse Theme Custom colors

Dear All,

I’m trying to customize colors of EclipseTheme.

For this purpose I’ve created MyEclipseTheme where I’ve overriden tabs colouring using setColor(„key“, MyColors.X)

The problem is that I literally can not find String keys/id’s for:

-Tabs background ( I’ve changed tabs colors, but background area - behind tabs and area to the right from tabs should have same colour as tabs - I don’t know were to look for it :frowning: )
-Desktop background - basically initial area before any tabs/editors are added should have specific colour. I’ve managed to change border color of stack, but not stack itself, nor area around it (additional 5-10 px area)

Can you give me some hints how to override these colors?

Thank you in advance and best regards,

These areas do not have a color setting. Instead they have a “background setting”:

  • Write a class that implements “BackgroundPaint”
  • call “ThemeManager.setBackgroundPaint()” to install your painting algorithm. You should try the keys “dock.background.tabPane” and “dock.background.station.split”
  • ThemeManager can be found with “CControl.getController().getThemeManager()”