Expand direction for minimized frames

In our application, we have CMinimizeAreas on the left, right, and bottom of our main frame. When our application is maximized, if the user expands a dockable from any of these areas, the panel expands over the top of our app frame as expected. However, if the application is not maximized, if there is enough space outside of it, the dockable will expand next to the application. For example, if a minimized dockable on the left is expanded, it may appear to the left of the application frame instead of being overlaid on top of the left side of the frame. We have also seen this effect when using multiple monitors: if our application is maximized on the right monitor and a dockable in the left minimize area is expanded, it will display on the left monitor.

Is there anyway to configure this behavior?

Yes there is. You can set the direction in which the popup shows up relative to the CMinimizeArea, like this:

        CControl control = ...
        CContentArea contentArea = control.getContentArea();
        CMinimizeArea north = contentArea.getNorthArea();

        // SOUTH because the popup should be below the station, which is at the top (north).
        north.getStation().setDirection( Direction.SOUTH );

When I click on the minimized window, I want to change the default docking position of the minimized window.The default docking location is North. how could I change that?


One easy solution is to use “setDefaultLocation”:

DefaultCDockable.setDefaultLocation( ExtendedMode.MINIMIZED, CLocation.base().minimalWest())

(P.S. I’ve seen your other question, will answer them tomorrow).