Externalize not working in applet

Hi ,
I’m making an applet in which i’m using DefaultSingleCDockable for docking.But whenever i try to Externalize it disappears and there is no way to bring it back.

Although I unfortunately can not give an answer, I assume that it is appropriate to ask whether the ‘Java Console’ shows any relevant output (particularly: any stack traces). ( In doubt: http://www.java.com/en/download/help/javaconsole.xml )

Externalized Dockables should show up on a JDialog. The question of Marco is a good one, have you seen any exceptions?
What Version of Java were you using? What OS? What browser?

*** Edit ***

Also making sure that the JDialog gets a parent window may be tricky. For this the AppletWindowProvider can be used. Please try this applet and tell me if it works.

import javax.swing.JApplet;

import bibliothek.gui.dock.common.CControl;
import bibliothek.gui.dock.common.DefaultSingleCDockable;
import bibliothek.gui.dock.util.AppletWindowProvider;

public class AppletTest extends JApplet{
	private AppletWindowProvider provider;
	public AppletTest(){
		provider = new AppletWindowProvider( this );
		CControl control = new CControl( provider );
		add( control.getContentArea() );
		DefaultSingleCDockable dockable = new DefaultSingleCDockable( "id", "Title" );
		control.addDockable( dockable );
		dockable.setVisible( true );
	public void start() {
	public void stop() {