Externalizing and moving dockables in glass eclipse theme

When I press the externalize button of a dockable it correctly externalizes. Pressing the tab header lets me move the dockable and the “snapping frames” (where to put it in the main frame) appear. However, I do not have the option to just move the externalized dockable like a dialog without snapping back into the docking area. At least in the glass eclipse theme. Without the glass theme I at least get a “move”-cursor (only a small area displays this cursor) by which I can move the dockable like a dialog.
My proposal would be to show the move-cursor on the dockable header (where the actions are) beside the tab header. By clicking anywhere on the dockable header I could move the whole “dialog”. The “snapping frames” should only appear when clicking the tab header and moving over the docking frame, but not in externalized mode.
Does this sound reasonable?

I see your problem, but I’m not so sure about the solution:

  1. It would only work for the EclipseTheme, the issue remains for the other themes
  2. And it would require much work to implement this.

A much easier solution would be to make the border larger (at least at the top) and add some visual indications (like lines to indicate where to click).

Btw. I do not see any difference using the glass or a normal tabs.