Fun, interesting or usable exemples in JOCL?


After having some fun with resize batches of pictures I want to learn more about GPU usage and development.

So anyone got some fun, interesting or usable examples to share and give inspirations?

Thanks :slight_smile:


You probably noticed the samples at - Samples

Some of them are “fun” in the sense that they actually “do something visible”, namely the classical Mandelbrot computation or some other graphics interoperability.

Apart from that, many tasks that the GPU is good at are rather “number crunching”. It doesn’t look too spectacular when there’s a console output like
“SGEMM 1000x1600 : 4.14058ms”
but when you compare the time to a plain Java implementation, you’ll see why this might be useful :wink:

Absolutely the SGEMM is very nice and I also liked the multiple device demo. I got 2X R9 380 and a waste not to use them both :slight_smile: