Hide/Show Stacked Dockable incorrect content issue with Eclipse Theme


Many thanks for your excellent docking framework, I love it.

I’ve got an issue with hide/show using stacked dockables and the Eclipse theme. I can reproduce it with the notes demonstration shipped with 1.0.7.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Grab version 1.0.7, unzip
  2. Run dock/bin/demonstration.jar, and startup the “Notes” demonstration
  3. Select Window > Theme > Eclipse
  4. Drag the “Themes” dockable on to the “Screen”/“Stack” group so that you end up with three tabs, “Screen”, “Stack”, “Themes” (in that order). The “Themes” tab should now be selected.
  5. Select Panels > Screen, to hide the “Screen” dockable.
  6. Select Panels > Screen, to show the “Screen” dockable.
  7. [Bug] Note that the “Screen” dockable incorrectly shows the contents of the “Themes” dockable. (If you now select the “Stack” tab, then go back to the “Screen” tab it will incorrectly show the contents of that tab instead).

This only happens the first time you hide/show the dockable.
I’ve tried the other themes but they don’t seem to suffer the same problem.

Has anyone found this before? I haven’t looked for the cause, but is there a known workaround?

Thanks again,

Never saw this bug.

Two weeks ago I started to re-implement the whole tab-mechanism. In the process all the code of the Eclipse-Tabs will be replaced (all other themes share the same code, maintaining the special Eclipse-Code leads to bugs like this one). So the only workaround I can offer right now is to wait for the next version.

Ok. Thanks for the prompt reply.