Hold button in flap dock station

When we upgraded to version 1.1.1, we seem to have lost the hold button on dockables located on the FlapDockStation. We set the BUTTON_CONTENT property to ButtonContent.ICON_AND_TEXT_ACTIONS and leave the BUTTON_CONTEXT to the default. I’ve tried to dig through the code, but I am confused as to how it is supposed to work. It looks like the hold action is only added when FlapDockStationSource.updateHoldSwitchable in called, but I cannot find a path through the code that would lead to that being called. It looks like it should be called by DefaultFlapLayoutManager.setHoldSwitchable, but again, I cannot find a path that leads to it being called. I can force it to add the action by adding a call to resetHoldAction in FlapDockStation.DockableHandler.getActions, so I know the functionality works. I just cannot figure out what I have to do to enable it.

I looked through the tutorials, and it looks like none of the core tutorials has the hold button for the flap dock stations.

Thanks for your help.

You are right, it vanished. This is a bug of the framework, the default behavior should be to actually show the button. I will fix that for the next snapshot of version 1.1.2 (I’ll upload that next weekend), but I cannot fix it in 1.1.1.

Can you upgrade to the current preview version of 1.1.2? Compared to 1.1.1 it is mostly bugfixes, so an upgrade is not a bad idea anyway. Otherwise I’ll have to find a way to re-enable the button in 1.1.1.

We are close to a release, ourselves, so I cannot upgrade to 1.1.2 at this time. However, I can put in my own short term fix - no need for you to patch 1.1.1. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Thanks again!