How to change rounded eclipse tabs with rectange without round corner?

Hi, I seen in screenshots that eclipsetheme has version with without round corner tabs just rectangle?
How do that?

Like this:

control.putProperty( EclipseTheme.TAB_PAINTER, RectGradientPainter.FACTORY );```

Hi, I use the above code, and it works. But there is a weird line at the left side of the tab. Please see the attached image. Is there any way to get rid of it?
Thank you anyway.

That is a bug in the framework. It was only an wrong if-statement, so it is already corrected in the code. I will upload a new version with the bugfix at the weekend (the fix can already be found on Github), hopefully together with some other fixed bugs.

Hello Beni,
Thanks for the quick bug fix. :slight_smile: