How to get notified that the title tab of a dockable was clicked or has gained focus?


By adding a CFocusListener to my dockable, I will be notified (in focusGained) that the dockable has gained focus. But focusGained will be trigerred when clicking anywhere inside the dockable.

Is there something else similar to CFocusListener that notifies me only if the title tab section of the dockable was clicked or has gained focus?

Thanks a lot,

There is no listener for this event. There would be a possibility to replace the class that is called by the titles when they are clicked, may not be that easy tough (I’ll first have to look at the code myself). Why do you need this event anyway?

Hi Beni,

It’s ok, it’s ok… I don’t want to waste your time, it was just an option I was considering to implement something and I wanted to know if its feasible. I guess I’ll stick to the CFocusListener, it will be good enough.

Thanks and enjoy your trip to Scotland! :smiley: