How to remove a Perspective?

Does not seem to find removePerspective(name) function.
Also, how do I rename a Perspective?


Use “CControl.delete” to remove a perspective, currently the CControlPerspective does not offer any methods to remove a Perspective (I’ll add one in the next version).

Renaming is not implemented yet, but the code below should work (“control” is your CControl).

     * Renames the perspective <code>source</code> to <code>destination</code>. If there is already a 
     * layout with name <code>destination</code> it will be overriden.
     * @param source the name of the source
     * @param destination the name of the destination
     * @throws IllegalArgumentException if <code>source</code> does not point to an existing layout
     * @throws IllegalArgumentException if either <code>source</code> or <code>destination</code> are <code>null</code>
    public void renamePerspective( String source, String destination ){
    	if( source == null ){
    		throw new IllegalArgumentException( "source is null" );
    	if( destination == null ){
    		throw new IllegalArgumentException( "destination is null" );
    	CDockFrontend frontend = control.intern();
    	Setting layout = frontend.getSetting( source );
    	if( layout == null ){
    		throw new IllegalArgumentException( "no perspective registered with name '" + source + "'" );
    	frontend.setSetting( destination, layout );
    	frontend.delete( source );