How to resolve performance issues and sporadic problems

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if you professionally involved in development on Java (and even if not) this could be useful for you. There are many topics related to performance issues on the forum. As a rule, performance problems more often appear on the final stage of project development or even on support stage, when development is over. In this case responsible person face a several problems – tight timeframe for performance issue resolving, megabytes of useless log files in debug mode, occasional errors. Some time ago it was my nightmare too :slight_smile:
We developed a monitoring framework for Java applications that allows us to solve those problems in our company easy and fast.
I want to share our experience with you. Here you can find more details about our GS Monitoring Framework. It is free of charge and very easy to use. You can start searching for tool like that when the performance problems will appear, or you can get it today and be prepared to defeat performance problems and occasional errors.

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