Is there a list of pre-defined keyboard shortcuts defined within Docking Frames?

I know about one CTRL+M, but was wondering whether there are more? If so, where can I find the list?

Open the class CControl, there you find some constants called KEY_GOTO_... and these are all the shortcuts that are supported. You may rebind them with CControl.putProperty(...).

In addition there is DockableSelector.INIT_SELECTION (ctrl+shift+e, opens a little window where you can select a Dockable), DockRelocatorMode.NO_COMBINATION_MASK and DockRelocatorMode.SCREEN_MASK (alt-down and shift-down, press these buttons during drag and drop to prevent a Docakble from being stacked or to make it externalized.)

I really thought I had that documented somewhere… hm, but I did not find it myself. I’ll write myself a note to put that information somewhere on the homepage.